Things I Thought About While Driving Home From School On Tuesday Night

By David Rosati

How in the world do you pray for a “ministry” to the “extreme fighting” community, which is also led by an “extreme” fighter who happens to be Christian? I mean, this is some serious fighting here. How do you present the Prince of Peace to a man you intend to beat down in the next match?

That new “Believer’s Baptism” book Steve has been recommending on his blog is pretty good stuff. There were a few times during my reading of the “Luke-Acts” chapter where I had to stop reading and look at the back cover to be sure I was reading a Baptist book. I’m no rocket scientist for certain, but there were a few moments in that chapter where I thought I was going to read that baptism regenerates. It all worked out in the end though. Whew.

“A Pastor’s Sketches: Conversations with Anxious Souls Concerning the Way of Salvation” by Ichabod Spencer is a great read.

It is distressing to teach and talk about patience, kindness, and not envying with your daughters, and the very next evening they act toward one another like they’d never heard those words. Distressing too when I act the same way.

One of my besetting sins: anger at idiot drivers. Anyone else?

There is a beautiful joy which comes with keeping a short account with God. Sometimes I’ve been so long in confessing my sins to the Father that I dread coming to Him in prayer. Or, I do not pray at all, being eaten up with guilt over first the sin, then the not confessing. A viscious cycle. But, when the account is kept short, and stays there – it is such a blessed feeling.




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2 responses to “Things I Thought About While Driving Home From School On Tuesday Night

  1. Peter D. Nelson

    David if they are idiots is it really a besetting sin? Or is the besetting sin calling them idiots? Not that I am any better, perhaps a little quieter than a few people I have driven with.

  2. David Rosati

    Peter, I’d say it’s how I react to them. Especially when they don’t pay attention to the light turning green!

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