The Proper Worship Of God

1 SAMUEL 2:12-21

Introduction: In this lesson we will see the families of Eli and Elkanah contrasted. Eli is pictured as a good man who loves his children more than God (2:29), while Elkanah and Hannah are pictured as faithful servants who love God more than their only son. Not only is their attitudes towards God very different, but their attitudes before God’s people is different. Finally, God’s pronouncements on the different families are very different. While Elkanah and his family are blessed, Eli and his family will be cursed.
Some lessons we will learn here are very important. God must be worshiped as he has commanded. We are to come together as Christians to give of ourselves…not to receive. We must learn that our own actions in worship can cause others to fall short of their goal of worship. And finally, God’s blessings upon us should cause us to worship him, and not to focus on what we can do to merit God’s blessing.

I. The Sons Of Eli Verses 12-17

A. Their Description verse 12

1. Sons Of Belial
2. Did Not Know The Lord

B. Their Custom verses 13-16 Lev. 7:22-36

1. Taking More Than Their Allotment
2. Taking The Lord’s Part

C. Their Sin verse 17

1. Before The Lord
2. Before Men

II. The Family Of Elkanah Verses 18-21

A. Samuel Ministered Before The Lord verse 18
B. Hannah Equipped Samuel To Serve verse 19
C. Elkanah Was Faithful To The Lord verses 19, 20
D. God Blesses Elkanah And His Family verse 21

Conclusion: We must be careful to remember that nothing we do can earn God’s favor or blessing. Really it is just the opposite. God’s goodness to us and His blessings upon us should cause us to serve Him faithfully with the whole heart.
We must also remember that God has commanded in Scripture how we are to worship Him. When we disregard those commandments it will inevitably lead us to the blatant disobedience of God. And this sin does not affect only ourselves, but we cause men and women to sin by taking lightly the worship of God.


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