My First Contribution

By David Rosati

Thank you, Jeremy, for inviting me to contribute to your blog. Hopefully, you will not have cause to regret your decision.

False humility aside, I hope I have something(s) worth saying. When I think of what to blog I am restrained by the remembrance of all the pointless comments, rabbit trails, and silly questions I hear in class each week which add nothing to the discussion. I wish to chime in meaningfully, so if I can’t – I won’t. I hope. Between family, church, school, work, personal study, and Dig-Dug, my time to post is scant, but I’ll try and come around once a week or so.

The internet is a great tool, isn’t it? This blogging thing I’m still up in the air over. Now everyone seems to think their opinion is worthy to be sent around the world. And in my own life I’ve experienced the way surfing blogs and sites can draw me away from more meaningful pursuits. So, I approach blogging with much caution.

Funny, I still remember the cover of Newsweek, dated February 1, 1995. It said: “The Internet: What It Is And How It Will Change Your Life.” I was on my way to serve in Germany and didn’t think much about it. I didn’t send my first email until 1998, and didn’t have my very own internet connection until 2005. I’m not anti-progress. I just like to stand back a bit and watch how things shake out for awhile.

Anyway, thanks again Jeremy.




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6 responses to “My First Contribution

  1. Garry Weaver

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts, David.

  2. Jeremy Weaver

    Great! Look forward to reading your posts, which probably will be worth reading.

  3. D.J. Cimino

    What is Dig Dug?

  4. D.J. Cimino

    BTW David – I look forward to reading what you have to say. I am sure it will be profitable!

    I agree with your take on blogs. That is why I really don’t post anymore, and that is why I stopped posting at my old blog Hidden Treasure. I have alot to learn still. I should shut-up for the most part and let those with knowledge do the talking 🙂

  5. David Rosati

    Thanks for the kind words fellas.

    DJ – “Dig Dug” was an early 80’s video game, which is now on one of the “plug in (your tv) and play” little joystick systems. It’s a silly but fun game, and it reminds me of some good times when I was young.

  6. D.J. Cimino

    If it is kinda like an “earthworm” Atari (sp?) game then I remember it 🙂

    River Raid anyone?

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