Evangelical Jargon (What’s that mean?)

Here it is, faithful few, your very own opportunity to sound off about various religious sayings in ‘Evangelical Christianity’.
Each Wednesday I’ll post a phrase from the world of Christianese for you to tell everyone what you like, dislike, or think about that phrase.
This week’s phrase:

“Make a decision for Christ.”

What does that mean? My honest gut reaction the first time I heard it was, “Can’t He make His own decisions a lot better than I can?”


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5 responses to “Evangelical Jargon (What’s that mean?)

  1. Peter D. Nelson

    I thought I was the only one who had that kind of sense of humor Jeremy.

    But all seriousness aside ;^{) What does decisions have to do with trusting Christ? Its arminian church speak for saving yourself.

  2. D.J. Cimino

    This is what I think they mean by that phrase:
    You can make a decision to eat a steak or chicken tonight. You can also decide to follow Jesus or not follow Jesus. You decide. Its up to you.

    (I think Finney used it in this sense… no?)

    I think people who use the phrase simply don’t realize how horrible it really is…

  3. C.T. Lillies

    This has been a Southern Baptist staple in every church I’ve ever been in. The altar call at the end of the service has been around so long that no one can even conceive of a service without it. Wherever it is that they are saved (converted) it’s not for real until they “go down front” or “walk the aisle”. Then they’re OK.

    “…the word of God is not bound.”
    –2 Timothy 2:9

  4. Supraman

    When I first heard this (in November of 2006 at Saddleback Church in CA – good ol’ Rick Warren), given the political season, it was translated in my mind as “Vote 4 Jesus”. Thank the Lord they don’t do that in the LCMS…at least, not yet.

    – Supraman

  5. Supraman

    Errgghh…that date should have been November 1996. Cursed automatic typing…

    – Supraman

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