Losing my Religion Redux part 3

I had decided to go to the local community college and get a degree in electronics. It seemed the best idea to support my growing family. By then my wife and I already had a son and my daughter was on the way. While there, still not attending church, I met a man who would become one of my dearest friends. His name is Bruce Hogan and I thank God every day that He allowed Bruce to come into my life. Indeed it is evidence of God’s providential hand in my life that Bruce was one of the people that was part of my class in electronics. Bruce was the only Christian in the entire group besides myself. And I was a poor specimen of Christian.

One day in lab I said to Bruce (and he remembers differently than I but then he is a kinder towards me than I deserve) a flippant remark about seeing him “Here, there or in the air.” Do you remember that trite phrase? Even now I shudder while remembering what I would say to brothers in the Lord. As if the coming return of Christ was something to say in a flippant manner. Well needless to say Bruce’s’ head swiveled around and he fixed upon me his gaze. Now I admit that my language in that room wouldn’t have pointed me out as a Christian. I was just as foul mouthed as some of the others. But of all the garbage I might have spewed that was something that was totally out of character for who Bruce thought I was. (unregenerate pagan)

Now Bruce had two things working for him, he was a former Marine and he had been trained by the Navigators. He would need both to whip me into shape. And once he ascertained that I was indeed a born again Christian he knew that I had never been discipled in my entire life. Then setting his face like flint he discipled me. And I made his life miserable, and he loved me. I told him to go to hell and he said: “Sorry, that isn’t possible for me anymore or for you.” And he loved me some more. All the time pointing out things in the Word. Having a Bible study with me during lunch. Helping me memorize verses. And encouraging my wife and I to go to church. Which we did.

It was at Bruce’s church that I was formally training into Dispensational Theology.

To be continued…



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2 responses to “Losing my Religion Redux part 3

  1. bluecollar

    Now I’m at the edge of my seat. Why did you stop there? The pop-corn was still popping in the micro-wave…

    Should I tune in next time…Same bat-time, same bat-channel?

  2. Nathan

    Gaaa! Curse you, Peter D. Nelson! Part Four better not be long in coming…

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