He was the DOGDRUMMER!



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5 responses to “Before He Was DOGPREACHER…

  1. BugBlaster

    I don’t get it. This must be an American thing?

  2. Jeremy Weaver

    Check out the comments of the previous post, Buggy.

  3. ThirstyDavid

    Note to self: keep personal history to myself in Jeremy’s company.

  4. BugBlaster

    Ah, sorry about that. I had clicked away as soon as I read “Charlie Daniels”.

  5. DOGpreacher

    offended? Are you kidding? I printed it and display it on my desk (I’m famous…I made a “Doxo” post!!!). It is a good conversation piece. I can focus someone as to why the “D.O.G.” part before the preacher/drummer. That would be the doctrines of grace!

    However, I will keep in mind what “thirstydavid” said! #:>)
    I am…

    …grateful for grace,
    The DOGpreacher

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