Ask Me Some More Questions!

Leave me a question in the comments section of this post, or email it to me. I’m trying to figure out what I should post the rest of this week, so tell me what you want me to tell you.

Same rules apply as the last time.


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11 responses to “Ask Me Some More Questions!

  1. pilgrim

    Which mere human has most influenced you as a believer?

  2. Jeremy Weaver

    My father.

  3. Annette

    okay…here’s a question

    if a person struggles with really … ah can’t remember the right word… with really knowing..ah…assurance of salvation. If a person really struggles with this…is it a sin?

    And if so….would it be a thing of needed repentance, and how would one fix it?

  4. BugBlaster

    supralapsarian or infralapsarian?

  5. Jeremy Weaver

    I will post on Assurance tomorrow. Thanks for the question.


  6. ThirstyDavid

    tell me what you want me to tell you.

    Appealing to itching ears, now?

    OK, tell me how handsome and clever I am!

  7. Jeremy Weaver

    You’re a mess. Your hair is messy, you look like you just got out of bed, and your pipe is about to fall out of your mouth and catch your recliner on fire.

  8. ThirstyDavid

    Jeremy, you’re all law and no grace! That’s my driver’s license picture. They always look bad.

  9. kec

    A friend of mine has suggested that everything in creation is fulfilling the purpose for which it was made, except for mankind. Do you believe this is true?

    You said no leading questions, so I’ll ask the followup … if it is true, then does that mean that Satan is also fulfilling the purpose for which he was made?

  10. kec

    And one more, for fun …

    If you could spend time with any two of the original 12 disciples, or the 13th, if you want to count what’s-his-name-Judas’-replacment, who would you want to visit with and why?

  11. Jeremy Weaver


    Tough question. I’ll do it next week.
    But for a short answer, Mankind is fulfilling it’s purpose, but not it’s aim. As for Satan, he’s a rascal.

    Any two disciples? Peter and John. Just to see how they got along. With Peter’s tough guy attitude and John’s emphasis on love, I think it would be interesting.

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