The Big Day!

A few weeks back I told you all about my wife’s citizenship interview. The interview went well, as you already know, but the last news I left you with is that she was awaiting an appointment for the official swearing in ceremony.

Well, the appointment letter came a couple of weeks ago, and tomorrow is the big day! Around 11:00 am Eastern, Monday, April 3rd, Magaly will be a citizen of the greatest country in the world!

Congratualtions Magaly. I love you and your country loves you.

Since I will not be around this evening or tomorrow morning, I have decided to leave you a couple of articles from the hand of one of my heroes. This is a person who has taught me a lot about the worship of God and theology.

Try to guess who it is.

I will post the first article sometime tomorrow.

Oh yeah, Spring forward!



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9 responses to “The Big Day!

  1. Steve Weaver


  2. bluecollar


  3. ThirstyDavid


    Now that you’ve received a three-fold congratulations, you’ll have to become Lutherans!

    (if you don’t get that, just ignore me)

  4. Rose~

    Congratulations to Jeremy and Magaly and their two cute boys. Now you are all citizens. We are happy for you all!

  5. marc

    Congrats Bro!

  6. Gummby


  7. Jeremy Weaver

    I was born this way!

  8. Magaly

    Thank you fellow citizens!
    I am proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free and I won’t forget the men who died to give that right to me.

  9. Rose~

    Magaly is cute! That really gave me a smile. Congratulations, Magaly!

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