I Can’t Take No More!

Following Phil Johnson’s lead, I am closing up shop and forming a group blog. It’s the trendiest thing I could think of doing. Let’s face it guys, you’re all a burden to me. I need some relief. I need to be able to come home at night and think to myself, “Someone else will post if I don’t feel like it tonight. They will answer both of the comments that are generated on this blog.”

O. K. Game over. I’m just kidding. But now you know why I keep this blog at a sub-par level. I would hate to have to call in Centuri0n or this guy to take care of my blog for me! Can I get an AMEN here? Somebody testify! You know that’s right!

Also, I don’t think I could handle things as well as the FIDE-O boys. But, come to think of it, I don’t go out trying to pick fights with Michael Spencer on every post either. For those of you who don’t know Michael Spencer, he is the I-Monk.

So, I will continue to hold back, drag along behind everyone else, pick up their scraps, digest and regurgitate them out here, like right here, for all to see.


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26 responses to “I Can’t Take No More!

  1. Antonio


    I would be happy to get on board with you to form a group blog! I think that you and I could make such beautiful music together.

    We could get an Arminian and a Catholic to round things off.

    Let’s do it!


  2. Bhedr

    The Calviniminiast Cathfly triablogue.

  3. Jeremy Weaver

    Sure, Antonio!
    We could call it the Odd Quartet!
    Do you think we need a representative from the ‘hatching folk’ as well?

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    Try again, Brian, with ’emerging’ in there somewhere!

  5. Jeremy Weaver

    First Nazabethellutheteriannondenominationalblogofourladyofthefly.

  6. Antonio

    Maybe we could actually start a blog only about things that we all share in beliefs.

    Do ya all think that Jesus had blonde hair?


  7. Rose~

    They will answer both of the comments that are generated on this blog.” LOL!

    We are glad that you are still alive. I was starting to wonder.

    Antonio and you have an interesting idea, but … I don’t think either of you could take it, now that you are both well past the age of 25, you need to take care of your heart and blood pressure.


  8. Bhedr

    Tag team Doxo’s?

  9. Bhedr


  10. Bhedr

    The Three ZaneMacios

    Ok! Ok! I’ll stop

  11. pilgrim

    Well you did have Marc for a post or two–almost a group…

    And you need a padso baptist in that group…

  12. pilgrim

    I’m sure I typed “paedo baptist”

  13. étrangère

    “Can I get an AMEN here?”


    And this comment string has amused me more than a Purgatorio post… 😀

    Oh dear, I thought all I had to work out was reformed credo/paedo baptism, and now I find there’s padso baptism to contend with too. D’oh!

    You could have someone representing the world-outside-of-USA-&-Canada…

  14. Jeremy Weaver

    Padso-baptism: Baptism adminstered in the seventies.
    “Hey come on over to my pad and get baptized!”

  15. John Rush

    How ’bout:


    You could sing along with Mary Poppins on Supercalifrajilistic….

    You know…
    La, la, la…Ahem. Ahem… Hear we go…

    We’re so dead and cold, you could almost say we’re frozen.-
    Cannot get to heaven ‘less you say that you are chosen.-

    Or some such thing…

    Equal Opportunity Offender: thinking of an ultra-Arminianistic Dispensational, Anthropo-centered chorus.

  16. John Rush


    You’re blog is far from sub-par. Now, if you want to see one that is really pond-scum in the ecosystem, go and stop by mine…

    Addicted to Mediocrity

  17. Hessel-Man

    I really like your sub-par blog, Jeremy (and I don’t think it’s sub-par either). Anyway, this is America… whatever happened to individualism? Group schmoop. Just don’t turn it into a “padso-baptist” blog. I don’t know what that is… but it sounds like a theological novelty to me. Or a Christianized Thai dish. Mmmmm…

  18. ambiance-five

    lol..waiting with bated breath…

    actually while I don’t read imonk much I really hate the way he gets bullied..

    love to you all.

  19. marc


  20. Bhedr


    I lied

  21. pilgrim

    doxo commented on my comment-
    Padso-baptism: Baptism adminstered in the seventies.
    “Hey come on over to my pad and get baptized!”

    I’m sure that happened.

    and john ruh’s song had me howling in laughter.

  22. Michael Spencer

    I am not part of the emerging church. If you don’t know who I am or what I do, please don’t put false information out on the internet.

    I am a member of an SBC church, and I am an administrator/teacher at a Christian school affiliated with the Ky Bapt Convention.

  23. Jeremy Weaver

    I guess I do try to pick fights with you, huh?

  24. Joe

    You and Antonio, et. al.

    That would be like a quartet featuring Ben Speer, Mario Lanza,
    Louis Armstrong and Mini Me, not necessaarily in that order.

  25. garry weaver


  26. Bhedr

    How about Dream Weavers?

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