Who Has Known? by Jeremy Weaver

Who has known the love of our God?
In all His ways He stands above,
And watches o’er the smallest dove.

Who has known the mind of our God?
Who has descended to the depths?
Who will require of Him a debt?

What is the love of man, but naught,
When placed beside His only Son,
He has giv’n for sinners undone?

Where is the wisdom of the wise?
Where is the power of the strong?
They will not stand before Him long.

I abhor myself when I see
Your only Son, who died for me!
And though I come before you now,
My mouth I’ll shut, my knee shall bow.



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6 responses to “Who Has Known? by Jeremy Weaver

  1. ThirstyDavid

    I like it.

  2. marc


    Thanks for sharing this. Good thoughts and well said.

  3. Jeremy Weaver

    Thanks, guys.

  4. Anonymous

    How beautifully stated!

    Love, Mom

  5. pilgrim

    Have any of these been set to music?

  6. Jeremy Weaver

    No, but feel free to use them if you can.

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