End Of The Spear Reviews From The Media

Here’s a link to a site that has 37 different reviews of The End Of The Spear from the secular media.
Try to see if you can find a reviewer who saw the Gospel anywhere in the film.

Although the movie is not meant to be an evangelistic tool, surely, in the name of historical accuracy, they would have depicted the Gospel as a motivating factor in the missionaries being in Ecuador in the first place! Sadly, if they did, nobody ‘got it’.



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2 responses to “End Of The Spear Reviews From The Media

  1. Mike Garner


    Secular review sort of sees the gospel here

    Even they have to read between the lines.

    Anyway, it looks like the film is a dud anyway. Every critic I’ve seen has given it terrible reviews and it made less money in the opening weekend then Narnia did this same weekend (week 7 for Narnia).


  2. Jeremy Weaver

    That’s the closest I’ve seen, Mike. Thanks for the link.

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