Here’s some stuff that I have in the works. I’m pretty busy right now, so i don’t want to post them without giving the topics the attention they deserve.

Soteriological Integrity– I have been reading Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. This is not the thrust of the book, but something that has come to mind while reading it. It occurred to me, that my view of salvation, while in theory and word was Biblical, it was not a whole Biblical perspective in practice. Here’s what I mean. I would say that I believed that the plan of salvation was not a plan that was tacked on to restore the creative order, but a plan that was in place from the very beginning, before the fall. But in practice, I did not show this to be the truth. It was soteriological disintegration on my part. I still talked of salvation and the Gospel as though it was a plan B, even though I affirmed, biblically, that it had always been plan A. So, Soteriological Integrity will be about developing a theological practice of evangelism that gives the whole Gospel: Creation, Fall, Redemptiion, Restoration.

James– I’m still going to blog through James, but I’m about to start teaching through the book of Galatians In a couple of weeks, and I think that my local church body deserves my full attention on that book at this time. I may post some resources for studying the book of Galatians, along with some background material to go along with the commentary.

Theological Systems– An overview of the four various systems of Biblical Interpretation. Dispensationalism, Covenantalism, Progressive Dispensationalism, and New Covenantalism. I’ll try to be as objective as I can, but am biased more towards New Covenantalism. So there you go.

This should be a good year in the blogosphere. I think there was a boom of christian bloggers this year, of whose number I belong, but many have started weeding themselves out. Some because they feel that it is pointless to blog, others because of time restraints, and others because they think they have nothing to say. In any case, I’m still here, much to the chagrin of many, and still have opinions that I think people should know. And help me make sure that Marc at Purgatorio stays on, He’s got some time issues, it looks like, but I hope he doesn’t just totally stop all at once. I’m begging you, Marc!



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12 responses to “Upcoming!!!

  1. Shawn L

    Sweet looking forward to it.

  2. pilgrim

    There may be some sparring coming up–but that’s what makes blogging so fun.

    I’m looking forward to what you have coming up, and enjoy the blog.

  3. John

    I would definately like to see your take on the Theological Systems. Especially since its a topic I keep unintentionally finding myself in.

  4. Shawn L

    I’m either NCT or CT, but not certain myself since I’m a dummy in that stuff.

  5. Bhedr

    Hey Shawn,

    I’m right there with you bro, ever learning like a certain milkman that I am getting ready to soon post on.

  6. Bhedr

    Happy to say though that even though I am still learning and have not arrived, i have come to the knowledge of God’s Salvation to me. Praise God. Let us pray that all submit to the Lords truth and not be like those men that Paul spoke of at the end of Acts.

  7. Daniel

    Your comments on soteriological integrity were interesting. I think in presenting the gospel, many people begin with Christ rather than Adam – pretty much sweeping aside all the OT with an indicative “you are a sinner for sure” sort of remark.

    I look forward to seeing that develop.

    now, back into the shadows I go….

  8. bluecollar

    I too am leaning towards NCT. A great book ” NEW COVENANT THEOLOGY” by Tom Wells & Fred Zaspel is so eye-opening. I am,however, waiting to see if there is anything for me to disagree with from that camp -nothing yet..Still watching

  9. Joe

    Just thinking about what you have in the works leaves me breathless.

  10. Gummby

    Thanks for posting this. I was one of those considering weeding myself out (due to time constraints), but you’ve encouraged me to stay the course, at least for a bit longer.

    Look forward to seeing your comments on these topics–it sounds like the Lord may have been leading you and me down some parallel paths, as I’ve been considering some similar issues.

  11. H K Flynn

    I also love Pearcey on chunking all worldviews into 4 parts: Creation, the Fall, Redemption and Restoration.

    And like how it clarifies our own story.

    Saw her DVD as well, very cool.



  12. Ant

    I like the sound of your series on theological systems…

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