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9 responses to “Take this quiz.

  1. Jeremy Weaver

    Do you think that god may have sovereignly worked on you today without you knowing it?

  2. pilgrim

    I scored higher on atheist than arminian.

    I’ll see if I can get th other results–just to see if they display the same “humour”

    “You are a Calvinist. You hate eveyone that does not believe like you, you are hateful and proud. You do not witness. God can save the world without you.”

  3. étrangère

    Yeah, I got the same, pilgrim – Calvinist but then more atheist than arminian. Wierd. And was also slightly gobsmacked at the crazy summary. I mean, bee in the bonnet about Calvinism or what? Still, amused to get a result, “you are… proud” when I’d just checked the box to say that I’m … proud. I’m not proud of it! But if you’re giving a bidimensional humble or proud, I’m not what the Bible defines as humble and sadly won’t be until I see Christ face to face, so it’s gotta be sadly proud.

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    I made this test up just to screw with you guys.

  5. ThirstyDavid

    I made this test up just to screw with you guys.

    No, you’re kidding.

    That was fun. I am rather good looking, don’t you think?

  6. Sojourner

    Wow. I am a Calvinist also, which means, of course, that I most likely hate you people.

  7. pilgrim

    I did try the test again and tried
    to answer as an Arminian and laughed at that one too, so I thought–it must be Jeremy.


  8. Breuss Wane

    I see I’m hateful and proud. A badge of honor I say. 🙂

  9. Jeremy Weaver

    It looks lovely on you, Chad!

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