Ten Reasons I Deserve A Warnie

Adrian Warnock at the aptly named Adrian Warnock’s Blog is taking nominations for Warnies. I am officially nominating myself. Here’s the top ten reasons why.

1) I’m six months old.

2) I want a Warnie.

3) I’m clever.

4) I’m very humble. I’m talking humble. I got an award for it for crying out loud!

5) I’m smart.

6) I have the smartest readership.

7) I need something to balance out the Indulgence Award.

8) I can hold it over Centuri0n’s head.

9) I’m good enough.

10) Doggone it, people like me!

BTW, I realize that I just disqualified myself for the Warnie, but it was fun to do!



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19 responses to “Ten Reasons I Deserve A Warnie

  1. William Dicks

    All your points make you eligible for a Warnie, except for one. Your age! Sorry, only from 7 months and up! You’ve got some growing to do! 🙂 Ha! Ha!

  2. Sojourner

    Man, I don’t know how I’ve missed you all this time, but I love your website. *This is a real compliment, not one of those web spider spammer thingies.*

    While we’re being self-promoting here, what does one have to do to get on the “Avengers” or “X-men” list here. Any bad guys I can go after? How about if I agree with you on this SBC missionary thing? (See further comments at Fide-O.) I have always wanted to be a super-hero.

  3. Daniel

    I am reminded of that movie war games, where the patronizing wisdom of the super computer eventually rationalizes that with the global thermal nuclear war simulation, “The only winning move is not to play”

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    Paul told Timothy not to let anyone despise his youth. Do you despise my youth?

    What are you selling? Agreement with me on anything probably shows lack of judgment on your part. I could start a ‘Lack of Judgment-Man’ column for you.

    Are you trying to hypnotize me?

  5. Sojourner


    Look, as long as I make it in there somewhere. Selling? Actually, I haven’t the motivation to sell a thing. I’m in it for free books. I’m hoping to get enough clout to have publishers send me books to review and post about. I wonder how many hits a day I need to average to do that…

  6. Mike Garner

    Lol the reason I read this blog is for posts like that!


  7. Shawn L


    I heard your online sermon for some reason I thought you sounded alot like your brother. I thank God for you and what a great message.

    (P.S. You sounded older than I thought you were. I know that doesn’t make alot of sense, but it’s true).

  8. J. Wendell

    doxoblogist said…

    What are you selling? Agreement with me on anything probably shows lack of judgment on your part.

    Now I have my endorsment quote! 🙂

  9. pilgrim

    I have the smartest readership.

    Why Thank you!

    You had me until you started channeling Stuart Smalley.

  10. Jonathan Moorhead

    You forgot to mention that Mark of Purgatorio fame writes here. That is a HUGE selling point.

  11. Jeremy Weaver

    He CLAIMS he’s getting a post ready, but he hasn’t written one yet!

  12. John Rush

    This is a fake compliment generated by one of those web spider spammer thingies:

    The Doxoblogist is the smartest 6 month old who avenges evil in the dead of night all the while sounding like his brother from behind the mask.

    (Hence, Steve gets all the credit. But what’s that to a meek and mild super blogger?)

  13. Jeremy Weaver

    You’re already linked! You don’t have to say those things!
    I’m going to link to Brad, but I need a few more compliments from him first.

  14. marc

    Jeremy, are you doubting my veracity? I’ve been to busy entertaining my guests at Purgatorio to get something together yet, but what do you think of this as a potential title:

    “Why Doxo should get a Warnie”

  15. Jeremy Weaver

    Sounds great, Marc.

    What have you got so far? Did you nominate me yet?

  16. Joe

    1)You look older than that.

    2)I want a Lexus, that doesn’t mean I’m going to get one.

    3) And so humble (see 4).

    4) I’ll bet you have humble-but-correct opinions, too.

    5)A debatable issue at best.

    6) Well, that’s true.

    7) Don’t you mean self-indulgence Award?

    8) I can’t even SEE over Centuri0n’s head.

    9) Just good enough?

    10) Where did you get that idea?

    (I didn’t say it was not true, I just wondered where you got the idea).

  17. Jeremy Weaver

    Youns’ is funny!

  18. ThirstyDavid

    #8 is enough for me. If you promise to follow through with that one, I’ll see what I can do*.

    I’m still waiting to find out how you voted on Moorhead’s poll, since you brought it up.


  19. Jeremy Weaver

    Check Loki’s blog, David.

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