New Contributor!

The staff and I would like to welcome Marc Heinrich to the team. Marc has a couple of blogs and a website.
On his website, Further Up & Further In Music, you can read the original hymns of Marc, and in some cases listen in.
His first blog is titled Further up & Further In Music Blog. This blog is dedicated to worship matters in the local church.
Marc’s second blog needs no introduction here. The topics posted on PURGATORIO are simply things that are present in Christian culture or a sub-culture.

I have invited Marc to join us for selfish reasons, as well as unselfish.
Selfish reason #1. I want to glean more from his obviously gifted mind.
Selfish reason #2. I want him on my side.

Unselfish reason #1. Give Marc an opportunity to tell us with words what is difficult to say with pictures.
Unselfish reason #2. A more worshipful blog.

I should tell you that Marc probably won’t post a whole lot here, since he has the other sites and probably has a life as well. But this is his home as long as he wants it to be, or until he rejects historic Christianity as revealed in Scripture and defined by the orthodox confessions, whichever comes first.

Join me in welcoming Marc to Doxoblogy.



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13 responses to “New Contributor!

  1. Daniel

    Yay Marc!

    I am interested in hearing your take on calvinism… ;-D

  2. Steve Weaver

    What evil scientist concocted this evil parnership!?!

    Seriously, I’ll be looking forward to your posts, Marc!


    Thanks for letting us read the words of the man who has taught us all to laugh with our eyes.

  3. marc

    Marc sounds like a pompous self-absorbed jerk. Why would you invite him of all people? Jeremy you are slipping!

  4. John

    welcome Marc!
    Jeremy how will pay for you increase in staff? Free will love offerings?

  5. Steve Weaver

    Hey, I thought we were among Calvinists here. There will be no “free will” anything!

  6. bluecollar

    Welcome Marc!

  7. pilgrim

    It should be interesting to read.
    I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Candy in Sierras

    I am really looking forward to posts that you two come up with. You both speak with grace, seasoned with salt.

  9. J. Wendell

    Hey, what happened to “mild-mannered ignoramus”? (Was that it? I can’t remember the exact wording) ;~)

  10. Shawn L

    With this and the other awards I think the weaver’s are taking over the world.

  11. marc

    Thanks for the welcome all. Jeremy is too gracious. I’m working on my first post for Doxoblogy. Should be ready later in the week.

  12. Jeremy Weaver

    J Wendell,
    I didn’t want to put that over Marc’s box and didn’t want people to be confused. I’m still a Mild-Mannered Ignoramus, until I enter the modem and change into the Doxoblogist!

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