Feedback Requested!

I’ve been playing around with my template a little. I widened the post column and changed the title a little.
What do you think? I like the wider column, but I’m not too sure about the title wordart.
I’m also playing around with a three column scheme like Daniel at Doulogos has got. Check his out and tell me what you think.
And, if you like the wordart in the title, what would be a better description than, ‘Theology on fire for God’s glory’? How could I tie it in with the rest of the blog?



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27 responses to “Feedback Requested!

  1. marc

    I think there are too many fire themed blogs roght now. Why add to the conflagration?

    Maybe an eerie blue light radiating outward.

    Glory Through Theology

    I’m just spitballing here J.

  2. candyinsierras

    i think since the flames have practically incinerated the words, perhaps a spark will do.

  3. Shawn L


    Jeremiah is cool, but yes I agree with Marc here, there are so many Jeremiah’s out there nowadays setting fire.

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    Good suggestion for the description Marc. But I like all the red text and links taht I have so blue probably wouldn’t be a good fit, unless I went with a patriotic theme.
    And what about my old description guys? ‘Theology for Doxology’
    What do you think?

  5. Jeremy Weaver

    A spark might work, candy.

  6. J. Wendell

    Yesterday I told you we realy like your name “Doxoblogy” – why not make the subtitle an explanation of your blog title…something like “Blogging for the Glory of God”? I also agree with Marc about the fire – tried to gently elude to that in my comment yesterday. Neat ideas, keep up the good work!

  7. Jeremy Weaver

    How do you like me now?

  8. marc

    Don’t do the patriotic thing, you know my thoughts on syncretism ;-).

    How ’bout a medical theme… doxoblogist sounds like a Dr. of something… maybe that would be fun.

  9. Bhedr

    Who is this masked “D” Avenger?

    Super D?

  10. Joe

    Look. I’m in radio. Never use the word “feedback” to someone in radio.

    The header does not show up on my computer. What’s up with that?

  11. John Rush

    I can’t see the title art at the top.
    Squares with Question marks in ’em.

    But I’m Macintosh… could be the difference.

    When will the rest of the world “get it” and swith to Macs?

    Nice “D” Doxoblogist…


  12. Ray

    I can see the art in the header but it is VERY dark, and I really can’t read it unless I move the bifocals to max and squint…

  13. Jeremy Weaver

    Joe and John,
    Try clicking the little x or question mark boxes.

  14. Jeremy Weaver

    It looks cool though, right?

  15. Jeremy Weaver

    I’m designing a costume now. Do you suggest black with red ‘D’ and underwear, or, red with black ‘D’ and underwrear?

  16. Jonathan Moorhead

    I’m a Mac guy too. Originally I experienced what John is talking about. Second time it showed up but the text ran beyond the black background into the white background.

    I like J. Wendell’s suggestion: “Blogging for the Glory of God” or “Glorifying God in the Blogosphere”

  17. pilgrim

    Doxo said-
    I’m designing a costume now. Do you suggest black with red ‘D’ and underwear, or, red with black ‘D’ and underwrear?”

    Just don’t copy Daredevil’s–Marvel may sue.

    The look as of Sunday evening is good.

  18. Bhedr

    Just make sure you do have a cape!

    Ah I can see it now movie in the works. Jeremy Nuetron the Atomic theologian is Super “D” Duper. Perhaps Barney the Dinosaur can be your bitter rival of Evolutionistic untruth. Ya gotta reach the kids first, they are the future. Hey I think a Marvel matchup with “Bibleman” could be in the works. Or do you remember those Marvel/DC crossovers? I don’t think they would sue. Not if they pitted Spidey against Superman and Superman against Mohammud Ali. Hey I see a movie comming now……As well as Super “D” underooos.

  19. T.B. Vick

    How did you get the all white background. I have tried several times at my own blog to get an all beige or tan background, but I cannot seem to get the ‘parchment’ look off the page/site. Grrr. . .these html codes drive me nuts!

  20. Jeremy Weaver

    My template was white when I started. My brother started with a template just like yours and changed it this weekend to a white background. You might check with him.

  21. candyinsierras

    the heading looks much better but I can hardly read the subheadings.

  22. Ray

    Doxo — Yep, it does look cool! 🙂

  23. candyinsierras

    hi dox. i still can’t read the glory through theology headings. the red blends in too much with the black.

  24. mas

    The glory through theology is almost impossible to read here too.

  25. Shawn L

    Awesome Jeremy with your latest look. It sort of reminds me of superman with the D

  26. Jeremy Weaver

    I’ll try to brighten the dark part up, but are there any more suggestions for the description before I do it?

  27. Bhedr

    Go ahead and morphe brother!

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