Dr. Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers passed away this morning after fighting cancer and double pneumonia.

Let’s continue to pray for his family as they mourn the passing of this man of God.

More details are available at Love Worth Finding Ministries homepage.

Update: Steve Weaver has posted a memorial and provided some links of interest at Pastor Steve Weaver’s Blog.



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5 responses to “Dr. Adrian Rogers

  1. MarieP

    Indeed. I pray that God will comfort his family and his church. I also pray that we may, however much we may disagree with him on certain areas, be thankful for the ways in which God used him (his role in the conservative resurgence within the SBC, for example).

    And now he understands the Doctrines of Grace more than we do 🙂

  2. Bhedr

    Heaven’s Heavyweight is Home!

  3. Brad Meyer

    We loved him.

    Just jabbin’ at you over at Pyro’s- with the Mini-me Maxi-me stuff.

  4. Joe

    Dr. Rogers was my favorite radio/tv preacher.

  5. Jeremy Weaver

    You’ll learn that I can’t be offended very easily.
    My jab was just smart aleckiness, nothing personal.

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