Here’s Some Post I Enjoyed This Week

Daniel at Doulogos posted this analysis of an article he read.
Mark at Bluecollar is posting a series of articles focusing on Christ.
Steve at Pastor Steve Weaver’s Blog posted this sermon manuscript of Romans 8:28-30.
Jason at Fide-O posted a definition of expository preaching that unmasks the popular form of ‘expository’ preaching.
Pilgrim at Slaves Of Righteousness recommended a couple of books.
Michael Haykin at Historia Ecclesiastica posted this article concerning the novelty of the ancient faith.
Rob at Miscellanies On The Gospel keeps us updated on the Cessationism debate.

That’s all I have time for now. Happy reading!



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2 responses to “Here’s Some Post I Enjoyed This Week

  1. pilgrim

    I caught most of those.
    Thanks for sharing them all so I could see the ones I missed.

  2. bluecollar

    Thanks for the mention

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