New Features!

I have been adding links promiscuously the past couple of weeks. I’ve got to stop. Can’t do no more until I organize them, or at least alphabetize them. So I’m trying to come up with good organizational method for linking to blogs that I might read if I ever had the time versus blogs I read sometimes versus blog I read daily versus blogs I want you to read daily etc.
So I’m stopping the linking for now. Keep an eye out for the updated blogroll.
I have added some endorsements of my blog from people who comment here. I hope you don’t mind. Just scroll down the sidebar and you’ll see them. If you have any more endorsements, comment on this post and if I like them, I’ll include them in the list, eventually.
Finally, I would like to highlight a couple of new blogs that I have linked to.
Nourished In The Word is the teaching ministry of Ray Rhodes. At his blog you will find a lot of good articles about family worship, marital bliss, and probably soem expostions of Scripture from time to time. He’s only been up and running a couple of weeks, but I have confidence that he will become a great source of Biblical teaching in the blogosphere.
Also, check out Reformation Theology. It is brought to you by the good monergists at
The Calvinist Gadfly is another great blog. Upside: Alan Kurschner is hilarious and Calvinist. Downside: No comments. However you can email him with your response to his posts.

I’ll be posting again over at Comments on the Bible, when I decide which book to walk through next. I’m thinking either Habakkuk, John’s letters, or Peter’s letters. Or James, even though it is a right ‘strawy epistle’.

There’s your feature update for November 2005.

You’re welcome.



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6 responses to “New Features!

  1. DOGpreacher

    Thanks for linking me Jeremy. I think you just like that “forehead like Ezekiel” thing on my profile!#:~)

    It’s been a busy week volunteering to build an add-on to a pastor’s house who has become crippled up with arthritis pretty quickly (just 54). He doesn’t pastor anymore, but is quite the mentor to many young/new pastors in this rural area.

    I am finally getting to check out Gadfly, Campi, Pyro, You, Fide-o, etc. in a little more detail.

  2. Jeremy Weaver

    I’ve started reading Fide-O too.
    I sometimes wonder at some of the stuff they put out, but then sometimes they are very insightful.

  3. J. Wendell

    Jeremy, here is a better endorsement from J. Wendell:

    Read Doxoblogy every day, it aims to “b” right in the middle of God’s glory.

    That sounds more like an endorsement than “I don’t like to be pigeon-holed. (that is a postal term)” (?!)

  4. Jeremy Weaver

    Awww. I like the other one better! It’s edgy. It’s funny! It moves me!

  5. J. Wendell

    Use it then, brother, with my every blessing.

  6. Joe

    New features! How exciting!

    What a wonderful blog this is (he said panderingly)!

    I have 52 links to other’s blogs on my blog. It can be intense trying to read them all, but I love doing it.

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