Link Lottery

As you may have noticed, the link that says ‘Leaving Oz For Yeshua’ has not been working for a while. That’s because my bud, Brian, has taken a year off from blogging to spend more time with his family.
For the next week I will conduct a poll to see who wins that link’s place in the Blogs By People I like category. I have included five of my favorites in the poll.
They are;
From The Head Of The Moor, by Jonathan Moorhead,
Rose’s Reasonings, by Rose Cole,
I Drank What?!, by Pecadillo,
Dogpreacher, by Dogpreacher, and
Purgatorio, by Marc Heinrich.
If I have not included your name, and you wish to be included in the poll lottery, please comment and leave a link to your site. The rules for eligibility are simple.
1. You must be a blog that would interest me,
2. No foul language, and
3. Leave the inclusion up to me.
So paste your address in the comment section and vote today for your favorite blog!

BTW, The above links featured in the poll are not in any particular order.



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19 responses to “Link Lottery

  1. Anonymous

    That’s a great news for Brian’s family! They have the man of the house back!

  2. J. Wendell

    Can we vote more than once for Rose’s Reasonings?

  3. J. Wendell

    never mind I just tried, only one vote per computer. 😦

  4. Bhedr

    Lord, I have left all to follow you.

    Oooh what I let slip through my fingers:-)

    No seriously I have no regrets. I needed to get my priorities straight. I am not a multiphasic person as many of you are and so the time I spent posting articles needed to be with the kids and wife.

    I still enjoy commenting as it is not much of a distraction. One day I will appear again in the blogosphere but only after my kids are older and I feel I am more disciplined in my conversation as the KJV would put it.

    For a vote? Rose! She’ll keep you thinking bro!

    I must say I do like Dogpreacher as I like his zeal so he comes in a close second. He is well studied as well.

    You are a good friend to have.

  5. J. Wendell

    Jeremy~ I just read the funniest comment on Purgatorio the one with the vision of O.R. It must have struck a cord tears were streaming down my face in laughter.

  6. Jonathan Moorhead

    I am truly honored to be on the link list. However, I have a feeling that Alabama’s victory over Tennessee tomorrow will stymie my chances of victory. Roll Tide!

  7. Rose~

    I can’t even vote for myself?!?! I don’t know how to take you Jeremy…cruel or kind? kind or cruel? I guess hillbilly inbreeders are, by nature, confusing.

  8. Anonymous


    yes, great for them!

  9. Jonathan Moorhead

    Rooooooooll Tide, Roll! Man, that was one heck of a game. Tennessee’s defense was a bear, but the Tide kept on rollin’.


  10. Jeremy Weaver

    That’s real nice Jonathan. Five seconds after the game ends you comment to tell me the Vols lost. I’m tempted to remove you from the lotto!
    But to show that I’m the bigger man, I’ll just say, How could Alabama not score a touchdown against us? Everybody else scores on us at will!
    I really don’t see a lot for you to be proud of.:-)

  11. Bhedr

    How much is the Eggman charging in indulgences for the lost Vols?

  12. Jeremy Weaver

    How many times have you guys voted for yourselves?

  13. J. Wendell

    I thought you only got one vote per computer, Jeremy and so I told that to Rose. (Then I discovered later that it wasn’t so…shhhh) Did you change a setting or something? I confess – 3 total from me for that delightful wife of mine! (I will cease from more…my finger is trembling right now, though….)

  14. Rose~

    Hi Jeremy,
    I hope I didn’t spoil the fun! Thanks for the link, even though I didn’t get the cherished “OZ” position. :~)

  15. Bhedr

    Rose I voted for you twice! OOps! I mean my wife and I voted for you!
    Where is my wife? I need to tell her who she voted for:-)

  16. Jeremy Weaver

    Hey guys,
    The poll was just a gag. I figured I would list all of the blogs that I intended to link to anyway, and start a stink with you’ns.
    I had hoped that a war would break out but, alas, it was not to be.
    I did put the blog with the most votes in Brian’s place though! See? I’m not a liar. Hust deceptive.

  17. Rose~

    What does “hust deceptive” mean?

    How do you know who got the most legitimate votes?! Moorehead probably voted for HIMSELF 10 times. You just put him above me because he is a Calvinist. :~)

    Thanks for the votes, bhedr!

  18. marc

    Thanks for Linking me Jeremy.

    As you know I’ve started a couple of weekly features. The comment section is where I hope to get the real comedic genius going. So keep Commenting… yes I used genius in a very genric sense there.

    BTW Rose cracks me up.

  19. Bhedr

    Hust? Hillbilly I talk!

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