Reforming Worship

Worship, I think it is safe to say, in most cases has become the worship of man. The current mode of worship consists of performers (preachers included), performing for the attendees. The attendees come to watch the entertainers perform their worship for ‘God’. ‘God’ then also performs for the attendees during the altar call by giving an emotional ‘outpouring’ of His Spirit.

This mode of worship is not only wrong biblically, it is idolatry. The center of the worship is the congregation that the performer worships by offering a song or sermon for them. At the end of the performance by this entertainer, he then becomes the center of worship and the congregation offers up their applause for him. The audience becomes the center of worship again as the sermon is presented for them, usually a self-help lecture on how they too may worship themselves. At the end of the service the preacher will become the center of worship as the congregation leaves. After the sermon ‘God’ and His message get their chance for a piece of the worship pie, but He must contend with emotional energy for this attention. The God of the Bible is all but omitted from any consideration in the Worship service.

A proper and biblical mode of worship runs in sharp contrast with this man-centered worship. In the biblical mode of worship God is the center of worship, beginning to end. The worship of God is participated in by everyone. The only audience is God. This follows a biblical concept that God is all in all. (Genesis 1:1, Genesis 15:1, Exodus 20:1-11, Colossians1:15-20)
The Father is worshipped as He is revealed in the Son as the Spirit opens our hearts to Christ and testifies of Him in the Scriptures He inspires. (John16:12-15) In our worship services this is translated like this;
1) The Father calls us to worship the Son through the preaching of the inspired Scripture that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2)
2) The Father calls us to worship through the Son in the singing of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, which are based on the inspired revelation of Christ in Scripture, in the power of the Spirit. (Colossians 3:16-17)
3) The Father calls us to worship as we respond to the Spirit empowered preaching of the inspired Word concerning His Son Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:37-41)

This is very simplistic in a sense and much more could be said about each of these points and more points undoubtedly could be added. But in the interest of keeping it simple for my mind we’ll leave it at this for now.


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